Snuggle into our Luxurious Colorado Springs Bed and Breakfast

​As the cool weather settles in, are you thinking of flying south? Wait just a second, because our Bed and Breakfast provides you with a wonderful reason not to have to fly to the tropics to escape the winter blues.

Instead, snuggle into our luxurious Colorado Springs Bed and Breakfast. This time of year is an excellent time to take a break from work and stress.  Christmas is just around the corner and things are sure to get hectic. So, take some me time or couple time to rest and relax.

In Colorado, there are many activities that only require jeans and a jacket.  But this is a perfect opportunity to seek out a pleasure induced experience. Especially when it comes to reconnecting with your special someone. Enjoy that quiet peace before the busy holidays arrive.

At The St. Mary’s Inn, Colorado Spring’s favorite Bed and Breakfast, you will be sure to find warm hospitality and a soul-restoring getaway that just might make you fall in love with the coldest season of the year.

Remember, we are available for families to rent the entire Inn overnight!