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fabulous food in colorado springs

Fabulous Food in Colorado Springs

​​For the food lovers staying at our comfortable bed and breakfast, we wanted you to know about some of the outstanding dining opportunities in Colorado Springs . If you follow the food networks “Dinner, Drive-in’s, and Dive’s then you are in luck!  Colorado Springs is home to 7 restaurants that have been featured on this T.V. show that have menus to satisfy your taste buds. If you are looking for a unique way to tour our beautiful city, then we would su […]

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Snuggle into our luxurious colorado springs bed and breakfast

Snuggle into our Luxurious Colorado Springs Bed and Breakfast

​As the cool weather settles in, are you thinking of flying south? Wait just a second, because our Bed and Breakfast provides you with a wonderful reason not to have to fly to the tropics to escape the winter blues.  Instead, snuggle into our luxurious Colorado Springs Bed and Breakfast. This time of year is an excellent time to take a break from work and stress.  Christmas is just around the corner and things are sure to get hectic. So, take some me time or couple ti […]

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Fall Activities in Colorado Springs

Fall Activities and Adventures in Colorado Springs

We have created a list of Colorado Activities and Adventures in the Colorado Springs Area during the Fall.​​Rock Ledge Ranch – The history of the West comes to life here. Explore the lifestyles and homes of the region’s early inhabitants. We have historic buildings that have been restored to the original appearance. Experience the lifestyle of the Ute and Plains Indians who lived on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Learn about what it was like to move West and homestead the land i […]

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Labor Day Lift Off Colorado Springs

Labor Day Hot Air Balloon Lift Off in Colorado Springs

Photo Credit Colorado Springs Independent Celebrate Labor Day weekend with our Labor Day Lift off. In the morning we will start with the mass balloon ascension of more than 70 hot air balloons. Activities continue through the day with skydiving demos, wakeboarding exhibitions, paddle boarding, live entertainment, chainsaw carving and more. There will be food vendors and concessions. Then you can come back in the evening for live entertainment and the Balloon Glow.When: September 1 – 3, 2 […]

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Pike's Peak Area Marathons

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Photo Credit: Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon This race is often called America’s ultimate challenge and with good reason. Sure the race starts out like any other race. But your first left turn has you changing direction to go straight up.  During the first 10 miles you will gain about 5,000 vertical feet.  Over the next 3 miles you will gain another 2,000 feet.  These runners will be running where trees can’t even grow due to the lack of oxygen.  The race ultimat […]

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